So what's it all about . . .?

OK, everyone hates Mondays. Having worn yourself out struggling to work and through the morning, the afternoon is a time to congratulate yourself on having survived. How better to do so than with a wide variety of lively music, none of which is needs to be taken too seriously? Classical pieces done in electronic style? One hit wonders? 70s Funk and disco? 80's electronic pop? Rock? Rap? Jazz? Swing? In fact anything except Country!

Add to that a few silly stories from the world's media, things happening this week, any any announcements that you really need to know about, and you have ‘Monday PM’

Requests are also welcome as long as they aren't dreary! Just don't take any of it seriously . . .

Saturday, June 4, 2011

MondayPM, 28th February 2011

Andrew Roe • Farandole
Anita Ward • Ring My Bell
Apollo Four Forty • Lost In Space Theme
Arthur Askey • The Bee Song
Baccara • Yes Sir I Can Boogie
BB King • Better Not Look Down
Big Country • Peace in Our Time
Bob The Builder • No One Can Dig It Like We Do
Bob Dylan • Lay Lady Lay
Britten, Benjamin • The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra
Cars • You Might Think
Credence Clearwater Revival • Bad Moon Rising
Crosby, Stills & Nash • Suite- Judy Blue Eyes
Dean Martin • That's Amore (Theme from 'Moonstruck')
Firm • Star Trekkin
Gordon Haskell • How Wonderful You Are
Joe Satriani • Satch Boogie
KC & the Sunshine Band • Boogie Shoes
Madison Avenue • Don't Call Me Baby
Mel Blanc • I Taut I Taw A Puddy-Tat
Mick Jagger • Party Doll
Natalie Merchant • Carnival
Nickelback • Rockstar
Paul Hardcastle • Nineteen
Pop • Pop Goes My Heart
Robert Palmer • Addicted To Love
Saturdays • Up
Shania Twain • You're Still the One
Simple Plan • Jump
Stranglers • No More Heroes
Tom Lehrer • Poisoning Pigeons in the Park
Will Smith • Men In Black
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