So what's it all about . . .?

OK, everyone hates Mondays. Having worn yourself out struggling to work and through the morning, the afternoon is a time to congratulate yourself on having survived. How better to do so than with a wide variety of lively music, none of which is needs to be taken too seriously? Classical pieces done in electronic style? One hit wonders? 70s Funk and disco? 80's electronic pop? Rock? Rap? Jazz? Swing? In fact anything except Country!

Add to that a few silly stories from the world's media, things happening this week, any any announcements that you really need to know about, and you have ‘Monday PM’

Requests are also welcome as long as they aren't dreary! Just don't take any of it seriously . . .

Saturday, June 4, 2011

MondayPM, 07th March 2011

Alana Grace • Black Roses Red
Aqua • Barbie Girl
Bellini • Samba De Janeiro
Blondie • Tide Is High
Brownsville Station • Smokin' In The Boys Room
Clarence 'Frogman' Henry • I Don't Know Why (But I Do)
Cliff Richard and The Young Ones, featuring Hank Marvin • Living Doll
Cure • Friday I'm in Love
Dandy Warhols • Bohemian Like You
Dario G • Carnival de Paris
David Bowie • Let's Dance
David Gray • Hospital Food
Elgar, Sir Edward • Pomp and Circumstance March No 4 in G
Eric Clapton • Alberta
Floyd Kramer • San Antonio Rose
Hale & Pace & The Stonkers • The Stonk
Iggy Pop • The Passenger
Isaac Hayes • Theme from Shaft
Joy Division • Love Will Tear Us Apart
Lieutenant Pigeon • Mouldy Old Dough
Meatloaf • Dead Ringer For Love
Meri Wilson • Telephone Man
Mousse T & Hot 'n' Juicy • Horny
Oscar Peterson • Goodbye, JD
Police • Every Breath You Take
Prefab Sprout • Cars and Girls
REM • Losing My Religion
Robbie Williams • Starstruck
Travis • Sing
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